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SUP Away the Winter Blues

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Winter is known for forcing SUP-ers indoors and causing us to fall out of our healthy habits. This explains why as winter starts to approach, SUP enthusiasts start to panic. Don’t stress! Winter doesn’t have to mean the end of SUP season. Winter often means extra time indoors with less active family and friends (good), […]

Do You Know the History of SUP?

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Have you ever wondered how your favorite sport, stand up paddle boarding became a thing?   Some people credit ancient Africans for SUP due to their use of wooden boards and paddles to move along rivers and streams. This allowed them to glide through the waters to transport belongings and fish. American and Mayan indians […]

iROCKER SUP Makes Travel a Breeze

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No one wants to travel on holiday with hassles and aggravation. Not when you can have a killer trip with a a stand up paddle board specifically built for travel. We all love to grab our board and hit new destinations, right? But traveling with your stand up paddle board used to be a major […]

No-stress SUP Thanks to iROCKER

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There is nothing more relaxing than using free time in the arvo grabbing my iROCKER SUP and hitting the water. Its an hour of water, sunshine and me. No texting, no traffic, no stress. It’s simply ripper. This hasn’t always been the case, though. When I first tried SUP, I couldn’t wait to get off […]

How to Get Beach Body Ready with iROCKER SUP Yoga

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With winter quickly approaching, I just wanted to remind you, it is NEVER too early to prep for your beach body. This means it’s time to put the hard yakka in and get that fantastic summer bod back. If you’re up for a body-slimming adventure, here are some stellar ways to add SUP to your […]


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Inflatable paddle boards have been one of the hottest trends! Do you want to be able to go for padding adventures more spontaneously than ever before? Then the iSUPs are just the thing for you. With a lot of care and thought, iRocker has developed the inflatables for anyone that would love to be able […]

iSUP Training Techniques
We Know the Muscles to Strengthen When You Want to iSUP Often

Looking forward to the upcoming summer? Looking for ways to enjoy the waters of a nearby river or sea? A stand up paddling adventure is what you are looking for. Often, however, due to incorrect training habits and/or overexertion, stand up paddling enthusiasts can experience various injuries, never serious or long lasting but fatigue and […]


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Stand up paddle boarding is a newer sport that’s making waves from coast to coast. Here is a report from the Mountain Culture Group (the sporting authorities) “According to a  report by the Outdoor Foundation, not only is stand up paddle boarding the fastest growing watersport in America, it’s the fastest growing sport, period.” If you’re looking to give […]

YOGA, IROCKER STYLE Burn the Excess Calories, Get In Better Shape and Have Some Fun

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  What better way to burn off the holiday calories than with a nice, long yoga session, iRocker style? In this second installment of our SUP yoga series you’ll put your flexibility and balance to the test. If you haven’t mastered the first three positions, check out part one of this blog and we’ll walk […]

Stand Up Paddle Boards and Other Great Holiday Gifts For The Lady In Your Life

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Stand up paddle board, handbags, jewelry or possibly hiking shoes or a high quality wet suit, those are big differences when looking for a holiday present for the girl of your dreams? Especially if she is the outdoors type. We get it, a woman who loves the outdoors isn’t always the easiest to shop for […]