Does the Covid-19 “new normal” have you getting a bit bigger about the middle or a little weak in the core? That’s not good! So we’re here to talk about some bangin’ ideas to use SUP for fitness when your gym is closed.

SUP for Newbie Paddlers --Maybe SUP isn’t part of your current fitness routine. Well, maybe it should be! We’re going to talk about how to make that happen.
Getting Max Fitness from SUP -- Lockdown is making it difficult to get max fitness from weight lifting and treadmills. We’re going to give you some of our tips for getting max fitness from SUP.
Involving the Whole Family in your SUP Routine -- When the kids are stuck at home for weeks on end, it’s no fun for anyone. How about a new SUP routine to shake things up and get those little bodies moving?

SUP for Newbie Paddlers

Anytime is a great time to take up a stand up paddle boarding fitness routine. With many gyms and parks closed, this turns out to be a great time to take up SUP. If you’re new to SUP and need to not only learn how to SUP but also get yourself some gear to do it, iROCKERis here to support you. Earlier this year, we introduced a bangin’ new board specially designed for newbie SUPers. We call this board the NAUTICAL and we’re pretty proud of what it can do for you.
  • The new NAUTICAL board is 10′6” x 32″ x 6″ thick when it’s all rolled up. It weighs in at only about 9 kilos, so it’s easy to pack for travel or storage, and easy to carry, too.
  • NAUTICAL is made with highest-quality materials and construction to go the long haul and stand up against dents or dings, and comes with our killer one-year warranty.
  • NAUTICAL also has handy storage space and straps for carrying gear.
  • NAUTICAL package includes board, single chamber-dual action hand pump, adjustable fiberglass paddle, detachable fins, coil ankle leash, repair kit, and carry bag.
  • Low entry-level price point starts at just $610!

To get started with stand up paddle boarding, you want to get some basic skills down.  It all starts with your body balance. Think of slow and steady moves to establish your balance.

Tip: Practice balancing on one foot and then the other on solid ground to help get you ready for your new NAUTICAL.

You also want to learn the right way to Inflate and deflate your board. A properly inflated board will give you a smooth and safe paddling session. Once you’re back on shore, knowing how to deflate your board correctly will save you time in packing up. We created this video with instruction for getting started.

You’ll also want to learn how to pop up onto your board and how to hold your paddle correctly. Don’t laugh — a lot of newbies tend to hold the paddle the wrong way.

The paddle has two main parts — the handle and the blade. The blade is angled and often, newbies like to use the angle to sort of “scoop” the water. That’s not correct!

What you want to do is hold the paddle so the “scoop” faces forward, like this:

Tip: Your paddle is adjustable. Shorten or lengthen it to where you can stand comfortably without leaning.

Getting Max Fitness from SUP

Once you get the basics down, or if you’re an old hat at SUP, you’re going to start wanting to get max fitness from your SUP sessions. We have some ideas for you:

  • Challenge yourself with some SUP cross-training like SUP races, SUP surfing or SUP yoga. All of these will improve your overall fitness and challenge you at your SUP game.
  • Arrive prepared so you get max time on your board and less time on dry ground.
  • Take a seat and give kayaking a go.

Involving the Whole Family in Your SUP Routine

If you have kids and they’ve been locked in the house with you, this is a great time to get them involved in a healthy new fitness routine. If they’re quite young, bring ‘em along on your board. You can even bring the family pooch!

If the idea of paddling with the entire family on one board doesn’t sound like your thing, then take advantage of current sales and interest-free financing to get your kids paddling on their own board. Check those out here.

How are You Managing Your Fitness When Gyms are Closed?

You probably have some rad ideas of your own for getting off the couch and on the water during Covid. We’d like to hear them! Reach out to our team on our Facebook page or drop us a line using the fields below.