If you and your mates are ready to get outside and on the water for some SUP fun, we’re with you! Now that Covid-19 travel restrictions are beginning to ease a bit, it’s time to plan a SUP trip. Travel can bring its challenges but we want to make it easy for you with our handy SUP travel checklist. It’s chock full of everything you need to pack for an epic SUP holiday. So what are we waiting for? Let’s pan that epic SUP holiday!

How to Pack for an Epic SUP Holiday
Planning out Your SUP Holiday
Everything You Need to Pack for an Epic SUP Holiday
Where is Your Next Epic SUP Holiday

Planning out Your SUP Holiday

First off, you’ve got to decide where you want to go. Many Aussie and international airlines are running big discounts on flights to great SUP spots in California, Florida, California, Mexico and others. Here’s a reliable source for worldwide airline discount codes. Most of these are good through September but the authors update their info regularly so you might bookmark that link for future use. Unfortunately, many places are still imposing travel restrictions due to coronavirus, so packing up the car for a drive to your next SUP destination might be in order.

However you arrive at your SUP holiday, you want to be prepped and ready for fun. Have you ever packed up for a killer SUP sesh only to find out you left your ankle leash at home or forgot to pack snacks and bevs? Yeah, don’t do that.
Do yourself a favor and take the time to work up a SUP holiday checklist of sorts. Give all your equipment a good look for any problems and then double-check everything before heading out.
Well, here’s some good news, mate: we have our SUP holiday checklist on hand to make it easy for you. You’re welcome!

Everything You Need to Pack for an Epic SUP Holiday

Different people have different ideas about what they need for ideal SUPing. In truth, one of the best things about stand up paddle boarding is that you don’t need a whole lot of equipment to get in a great workout. A great board, a reliable leash and a well-built paddle sum it up.
Still, we’re talking about planning an epic SUP holiday, right? This calls for a few bells and whistles. So this list contains some absolute “must haves” and a few extras that make a SUP holiday truly epic.

iROCKER, NAUTICAL or BLACKFIN Stand Up Paddle Board — Don’t laugh. In the frenzy of packing for a holiday — especially if you’re trying to comply with strict airline baggage guidelines — forgetting a rolled up board can happen. So check this one off your list and be sure to give your board a thorough inspection when you do. If you’ve got a missing leash, a missing carry handle or any area needing a patch, now’s the time to fix it.

Patch Kit — Speaking of needing a patch, it’s a great idea to keep a patch kit with your iSUP. In fact, we recommend keeping a complete spare parts kit in your pack for safety’s sake.
Ankle Leash — Forgetting your ankle leash can be an expensive mistake. We recommend keeping a spare at all times and double-checking to make sure you have at least one before heading out on any SUP holiday.

Hand Pump or Electric SUP Pump — It’s a good idea to deflate at least some air from your board when traveling. If you’re going by plane, then you’ll deflate it completely. So be sure to always have a pump packed with your gear. Of course, our favorite way to inflate and deflate our boards is with our 12V Electric SUP Pump. Whatever your pump of choice, be sure to check out this post for our tips on correctly inflating and deflating your board. This will guarantee maximum life out of your iROCKER.

Snacks and Drinks — Priorities, mate! SUP is a serious workout, whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a slow goer, so snacks and bevs are no joke. Keep everything cold and convenient on the nose of your board with our Cooler Deck Bag or the all-new (and so sweet) Backpack Cooler, which doubles as a dry bag and has nice comfort features to take the load off.

Cell Phone Case — If you don’t paddle with a dry bag, you need another way to protect your phone. Wear the waterproof cell phone case around your neck, or mount your phone to the nose of your board with this cell phone holder.

Bluetooth Speaker  — This one is definitely an optional upgrade to your regular SUP sesh but we never leave home without it. It’s our water-resistant Bluetooth Speaker by Speaqua, and it comes in aqua and black. It’s  also dust-resistant and shock-resistant, so it can stand up to the rigors of even high-powered workouts and wobbles. Plus — and here’s the really great part — it has an integrated bottle opener on the back!

Where is Your Next Epic SUP Holiday

Once you’ve organized everything on your SUP holiday checklist, and given your equipment a good clean and thorough check, you’re ready to hit the water. We’d love to know where you’re going and what you’re taking with you.We also want to see those pics! Please send them to us using the fields on this page or on our Facebook page. Enjoy your epic SUP holiday!