Paddleboard like a Pro around Australia this Winter

To learn to paddle board like a pro, you’ll need to master a few basic principles. Once you do, you’ll be SUP-ing the Gold Coast in style. To help you out, the iRocker crew is here with your go-to guide on how to paddle board like a pro all winter long.

A Great SUP Foundation Starts with Mastering the Basics

If you scroll through the paddle boarding columns online, you’ll likely be wooed by the fancy SUP moves. But go easy on yourself, mate. Once you purchase a paddle board you love, the natural next step is mastering the fundamentals and then you can up your SUP to pro-like moves.
Balance is the first step in creating a successful SUP routine. Strong abdominals and keen body awareness will help you move through paddle boarding at any level of difficulty.
Squats, Pilates, yoga and lunges are awesome ways to hone your balance and abdominal strength at the same time. During the cooler months, maintaining your balance and staying dry is more important than ever.
Practice your pop-up from shore to master the first step of any SUP practice. Lie face-down on your board and bend one knee at a time to position your body into a crouching position. With your hands and feet firmly placed on the deck pad, stand straight up.
Once you’re up, it’s important to find the right stance. Your feet should stand in the center of the board, hip-width apart. Maintain a slight bend your knees to avoid cramps and to better maneuver your board through the water.
Paddle skills are key to a comfortable, confident day on the water. Using your paddle is much more than slicing through the surface of the water. Correct use of the paddle relies on you accurately pairing your height with the right paddle length.
Stand the paddle upright so the blade rests on the ground. Reach your arm above your head until you can comfortably grasp the handle. The perfect paddle length lets you comfortably grip the top of the paddle without uncomfortable wrist placement.

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Challenge Yourself with SUP Surfing this Winter

Take your paddle boarding skills to the next level with SUP surfing. (Trust us, this is awesome!)
Before you brave the waves, challenge your balance and strength behind boat wakes and in choppy water. Once you’re ready for the real deal, it’s time to combine the most challenging aspects of paddle boarding with the excitement of traditional surfing.
Don’t be fooled — SUP surfing is tough. It takes many months of practice, and then you’ll still make mistakes.
If you’re on a mission to master paddle surfing, it begins with the right board. A board built for touring will quickly stifle your progress. The BLACKFIN Model X has all of the perfect elements for a perfect day of surfing. We’re talking the perfect length, just the right amount of buoyancy and prime maneuverability.

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If it’s your first time riding waves, we recommend you head out in an area away from swimmers and rocks. Wade into the water until you’re waist-deep then lift yourself onto your iRocker. Balance on your knees while using your paddle to trek through the whitewash.
Now it’s time to catch your first wave. SUP surfing can actually be easier than traditional surfing once you get the hang of it.
When you pick the perfect wave, allow yourself enough time to pivot your SUP toward the shore. Paddle toward the sand and let the momentum of the wave propel you forward. Use your paddle to guide your board into the tightest part of the wave.

Stay Dry with SUP Yoga

Laid-back aqua-yoga sessions are the perfect way to fill your winter. SUP Yoga is one of the top fitness trends for Aussies everywhere. Seamlessly merge the laid-back feel of your local coastline with the abdominal instability of the water.
It’s crucial to master the fundamentals of this modern yoga practice before pushing yourself into an over-the-water headstand.
First, find a board that strikes the perfect balance between width and length, such as the iRocker Cruiser. At 10’6” long by 33” wide, this board supports your Kapotasana, Chaturanga and all the poses in between.
If this is your first shot at aqua-yoga, the forward fold will ease you into your yoga practice. Stand with your feet placed hip-width apart in the middle of the board with the paddle resting in between.
Maintain a slight bend in your knees and lower your chest toward your thighs. Allow your head to drop toward your toes and grab onto each elbow with the opposite hand. Aaaaah.

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SUP Balancing Techniques | iROCKER SUP

The Right Board will take You from Newbie to Expert in No Time

The gear you use for your paddle boarding practice is just as important as the information you research. Whether it’s your first time on the water or you’ve been at it for years, the iRocker shop is sure to have what you need. Take a look at our selection of world-class boards and must-have accessories.
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