Clean Your Beach From Your Paddle Board

iROCKER SUP Cleanliness Drive

Did you know it’s possible to give back and have an awesome time while doing it? The iRocker SUP team and our awesome customers explore waterways all over the globe. These bodies of water all share one thing — pollution. The water may be clear and the coastline might shimmer, but nothing dims a fun day on the water like a floating pile of rubbish.

It’s hard not to show magnified levels of interest in our ocean’s wellbeing when we spend so much time on the water. When trash collection became a viral social media challenge this month, the guys at iRocker jumped on board right away. Here’s what we’re talking about — snap a ‘before’ shot of a polluted area and an ‘after’ photo highlighting your good deed. The point isn’t to show everyone that you give back, it’s to encourage your online friends to go out and do the same.

It Starts With One Person…

It only takes a single person (that’s you!) to change the world beyond measure. Impact doesn’t always come from large corporations or environmental groups. Often, it’s people like you and your neighbors joining together to clean up a local river.

Want to hear something shocking? Community service doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Have fun with the task by taking your paddle board out for a spin. Simply inflate your iSUP and head to your local waterway to begin to clean up. Whether it’s a local stream or the sprawling Coral Sea, paddle boarding your way through the #TrashTag Challenge is the absolute best way to do it.

Get the Gear to Streamline Your Environmental Efforts

It seems silly to bring a plastic bag into the water to remove plastic from the water. Right? Solve that dilemma with a cooler deck bag. Simply strap the collapsible bag to the front of your board to serve as a trash receptacle. When you’re finished with clean up, simply sanitize the interior. Stores cold cans of Carlton Draught and aids in ocean clean up? Count us in.

Another killer option to streamline your trash collection is the iRocker Kayak Conversion Kit. Sitting instead of standing puts your hands closer to the water, making garbage pick up as easy as can be.

Converting your paddle board into a kayak is unbelievably easy. Take a look at our easy-to-follow instruction and detailed video all right here. You’ll be sittin’ pretty on your kayak and out on the water in a matter of minutes.

“I bought the kayak bundle for iROCKER with the thought that my wife might get out on the SUP with me once in a while. Once I got the kayak bundle it changed everything. The seat is extremely comfortable for her and mounts easily. The paddle transformation is simple and effective.”

– Duane M., Happy iRocker Customer

Extend the #TrashTag Challenge into a #SUPCleanUp Movement

You were put on this earth to do great things. We like to have fun out on the water with the best of them, but sometimes the world calls us to do more. With massive ocean cleanups occurring all over the world, a great place for all of us to start is in our local swimming hole. There isn’t a body of water on this planet that couldn’t use a little TLC.

A big reason to use a SUP to clean your beach instead of a traditional kayak or boat is because of the shallow water you can reach. Paddle board through the shallowest parts of the shoreline to collect rubbish caught in branches or rocks. You can’t do that with a fancy boat!

iROCKER SUP | Cleanliness Drive

How the Viral Challenge Got Started in Australia

People wanted to find a way to get millennials away from their screens and focused on something that matters. Quickly, everyone from Junior to Grandma began to join in on the fun.

Australians generate 64 million tonnes of plastic every year with much of it landing in the sea. Queue the inspiration for #TrashTag. When thousands of pounds of waste is discarded in our waters each year, it’s time for Aussies to mobilize.

Sea lovers in every town in the country decided to join together this month and do something about the waste. Take a look here or here at some of the awesome efforts floating around the web.

Snap a photo of the contaminated coastline before you do your work and take an after shot of the clean beach. Don’t forget to add the two trending hashtags — #TrashTag and #SUPCleanUp to join in on the conversation. Who knows, you might just be a highlight on our Instagram.

Team Up With iRocker for the #TrashTag Challenge

SUPers from Darwin to Hobart can all partake in the fun. Get a great workout, unwind on the water and pick up a couple bits of debris while you’re at it. Work together with some of your friends for a conservation day followed by a few cocktails.

The perfect inflatable paddle board is one of the most important steps in becoming a new-age ocean conservationist. Take a look at our board comparison chart and drop us a line with any questions.

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