Get Your Board and Body Ready for Winter Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Winter Stand Up Paddle Boarding | BLACKFIN SUP

SUPers all along the Gold Coast are ready to swap the heat of summer for cool winter days. While much of the world slips into bikinis and board shorts, Aussies are pulling wetsuits out of their closets to brace the chilly conditions. There are some crucial steps to take before launching your board this winter.

Proper preparation to keep your body and board safe is more important than ever during the winter. The team over at iRocker compiled a go-to guide for getting ready for the upcoming SUP season.

Challenge Your Body Before SUPing

The temperature might hover right around 15 degrees, but that doesn’t mean you won’t jump at every opportunity to hit the water. Prepare your body to shed a stone or two this winter with targeted stretches. Warm up the muscle groups you need for a successful SUP session.

Plank: If you’ve ever stepped onto a paddle board, you know one of the main strengths you need is within your core. Assume the proper plank position at least once a day for an entire week before your first SUP day of the season. Strong abdominals are key to balance and maneuverability.
Can’t hold a full plank yet? No biggie. Drop to your knees and keep your shoulders and abs flexed. Hold this for 30 seconds. Rest, then repeat five more times.
Reverse Lunges: It takes some serious quads to hold your balance on an unstable body of water. There isn’t a single waterway on the planet that won’t challenge your balance with wind, waves, and currents. Strong calves and thighs are the difference between a warm day above water or falling into the chilly sea.
Reverse lunges target the extensor leg muscles when done correctly. Keep your back in a straight line while you lower your body into a lunge — keep your knees directly above your ankles to prevent injury. Use your back leg to push your body into a standing position. Swing your other foot around to create the reverse lunge. Repeat this exercise 10-20 times three times per day on each leg.

Invest in the Gear that Keeps things Safe and Fun

Who knows where you’ll end up this winter! Maybe you’ll head north for warmer weather or brave the chilly waters of the Tasman Sea. Whether you board a plane or road trip across the continent, there’s a good chance you’ll want your iSUP coming along.

Kayak Conversion Kit: You know that rush of excitement you get when you notice a bathing suit is reversible? Yeah, this is kinda the same thing (but a whole lot better.) Instead of investing in a SUP and a kayak, save some cash and buy a paddle board that can do both. Yep, we’re talking about the iRocker.

It’s easy to do, too. Take a look at this quick video to see how to convert your board to a fully functioning kayak within minutes.

Electric SUP Pump: iRocker paddle boards are easy to inflate with their standard equipment but can quickly feel like a workout after a few inflations. BLACKFIN and iRocker boards all come with a basic pump, but the electric pump takes your experience to a whole new level. Invest in an electric pump to simplify your SUP experience even more. Not only will it inflate your board faster, but the pump also fits in your travel bag.

The electric pump takes your board from one-to-20 PSI in less than 15 minutes. Yeah, it’s no joke. Sit back, pour a cocktail (or a cup of tea…dang it’s cold out!) and let the pump do its thing.  Oh yeah, and it comes with an awesome two-year warranty.

Keep Your Skin Safe Even in the Cold Weather

Everyone expects to get a sunburn in the summer, but the UV rays of the winter are just as strong. The iRocker crew is all about helping you protect yourself from sun spots, wrinkles or worse.

Don’t hit the sea without a hat, strong sunscreen and protective clothing. Low temperatures don’t mean a low UV strength. If you hit the water anytime between late morning and early afternoon, get ready for sun strength at its peak. Cover every inch of your skin with sunscreen like your life depends on it.

Winter SUP | Blackfin Inflatable Paddle Board

Purchase a Paddle Board You Can Use Year-Round

Every board made at iRocker is perfect for riders of all skill levels, sizes and interests. An iRocker or BLACKFIN board will take your winter SUP sessions to the next level this year.

Blackfin Winter Paddle Boarding

No need to worry about costly travel expenses, board damage and a rack atop your car. Life just gets a whole lot easier when you choose an inflatable paddle board. Take a look at our in-depth board comparison chart for a look at the different iRocker and BLACKFIN models.
We want to see how you spend your Australian winter! Drop us a review of your new SUP on our Facebook page.

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