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Traveling can be a headache. We get it. But who wants to stay home when there’s a fare war going on and so many aaahhhmazing places to see?

Not us. And not you, either, right?

Yes, yes, with security screens and baggage weight limits, even the tiniest duffel can add up to a major pain on a plane. The thought of bringing extra gear doesn’t exactly sound ideal.

We have a solution and as you’ve probably guessed, it comes down to one magical word: inflatable.

Whether you’re traveling around Straya or off on an international holiday, the good news is, getting away on a SUP adventure is hassle-free thanks to iROCKER’s inflatable design. (If you’ve ever wondered why there’s an “i” in iRocker, now you know.)

When we got to work on designing our boards, we made hassle-free travel a non-negotiable feature.  We love to travel at every chance and don’t want a bulky board slowing us down.

If that sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place.

SUP Travel is Simple With iROCKER

Since we had a bit of a colder winter than usual, a change of scenery is the perfect way to amp up the SUP fun. We’ve heard there were temps as low as -4.8 °C overnight in some places between Queensland and Canberra.


So if you’re thinking about jumping into summere, here’s your chance, The fact is, there’s no better excuse for leaving the old winter cold than to find warm SUP waters. Besides, destination SUP-ing is every SUP-ers dream so go for it, even if you’re new at it.

If you’re not new to SUP but you’ve been using a rigid board, you might be a little negative on the whole idea of traveling with your board on a plane. If that sounds like you, then you definitely need to take a fresh look at an inflatable stand up paddle board.

Travel nightmares solved.

iROCKERs deflate to fit into a backpack, which you can easily check. There’s room for additional gear, so you might be able to travel without another bag. It also looks cool to carry an iSUP in a backpack because everyone will know you’re a SUP-er and yeah, that’s pretty cool.

We also know that travel with any sport equipment can mean more wear and tear on your gear, so we incorporated extra-durable features into our boards.

We aren’t mucking around when we say iROCKER boards are made with the best quad layer military grade PVC. We know no one wants a wonky board! Our high-quality design and materials provide extra protection against dings and extra stability for you. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

iROCKERS also can be stored in a closet or the trunk of your car, and are easily stowed on boats and trains, or checked at the airport when you’re on the go. Compare our boards, and find the right fit here, and get your new iROCKER SUP before you buy that plane ticket.

If you’d like to SUP somewhere warm but don’t have the right board for the trip, check out this short video so you can see for yourself why an inflatable SUP is the way to go. (Spoiler alert: because it’s so simple!)

If you have any questions about stand up paddle boarding, or why inflatable SUP is the best way to go, we’d love to chat! Use the fields below to get in touch. We love hearing from fellow paddlers and we totally love talking about iROCKER.



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