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You can’t question the fact that stand up paddle boarding is growing in popularity. iSUP also provides an excellent workout, however, the debate over whether it’s the best exercise out there is curious to us. It’s obvious from our point of view at iROCKER, that YES it is the best exercise out there!

How would you feel about an iSUP workout that easily burns up to 400 calories each hour? iSUP for health and wellness might just beat out other exercises like swimming, biking, or jogging for example. If your favorite workout is among those, don’t worry! We get how habit and even budget could keep a newbie or non-SUPer off the board.

We are still going to challenge you try iSUP, because we know you’ll love it!

Don’t fight the idea. We believe we can convince you of the benefits you’ll get by rounding out your current workout with some iSUP. Besides, cross-training with iSUP is a great way to add more outdoor water fun to your routine.

What about Surfing?

We admit that surfing is basically a religion or a lifetime addiction.  For those who surf, you know (and your body shows) that surfing is a great way to get exercise on the water. It burns an average of about 515 calories per hour if you’re catching waves continuously. Surfers have strong muscles in their legs and core, and of course, there’s also that golden tan to love.

We agree, surfing is a really great water-centric healthy option, but iSUP is for everyone else and for surfers who want to get out on the water during those calm no wave days.

What about Running?

Rain or shine and regardless of the temperature, running is a sport you can do every day, alone, with a friend, or even alongside several hundred other runners.

It’s convenient and requires very little equipment. Plus, you can do it almost any time and any place. On average, running can burn up to 650 calories per hour. But, running can be really hard on your body over time. Many long-time runners experience joint, knee and foot problems. Running also isn’t a sport for the injured or person trying to rehab after surgery. iSup can be.

What about the Cyclists?

On average, biking can burn around 500 calories per hour. It’s also one of the most popular activities around the world, and it’s great exercise as well as a environmentally friendly mode of transport.

When you compare cycling to iSUP, you can see how equipment-intensive cycling is, especially if you’re doing it right. The bike and equipment you choose depends on the type of riding you plan to do. You’ll also need the right clothing and safety equipment, including nighttime equipment for added safety in the dark.

If you’re injured while riding, it can be catastrophic because many drivers either can’t see you, or don’t pay attention to cyclists they’re sharing the road with. Trying to ride after an injury or even during rehab after a surgery isn’t easy with a bike, either.

Now, don’t think we’re trashing this sport! We aren’t. We’re just getting ready to give you reasons to try iSUP, even if you’re addicted to another outdoor sport.

Whitewater SUP-ing

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Really is for You

If you’re into exercise and healthy activities, then there are many reasons to try iSUP.  If you live near water — any water — then you already have the opportunity nearby, so take advantage of it. Anywhere you can swim, you can iSUP, and let’s face it, Aussies have a lot of opportunity for water sports.

iSUP is low impact and this is another huge plus. It’s a great way to cross train or add a different type of exercise to your routine. It’s also great if you are recovering from an injury or back to getting fit after an illness.

Whitewater SUP-ing

If low the impact is what you need, iSUP is perfect for you

Keeping fitness goals in mind, like losing weight, improving balance, getting more active, or strengthening your core, iSUP can help you meet those goals.

Yes, iSUP needs equipment, and the equipment you choose will make a difference in your experience. Luckily for you, getting started with the right equipment is really reasonable. For example, one of our favorite iROCKER starter packages is only AU $728, and it includes everything you’ll need.

How many calories can you burn iSUPing? You can burn between 400 and 800 calories an hour, depending on how quickly you catch onto the basics of SUPing and how vigorous of a paddle session you have.

Since iSUP is a low impact kind of sport, it’s great for solo exercise or with a group. You can get into SUP meetups, go out your daily iSUP solo sesh, practice yoga on your board, and even take it on holiday.

We know, it sounds great, right? Yes! Ready to challenge yourself by giving iSUP a try? Go for it and tell us all about it. Please use the fields below to report on your first iSUP experience and definitely include a picture or two.


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