Sizing up Your SUP Paddle

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Young man on iROCKER using long paddle

Want to completely change your SUP experience? Did you know having the right sized paddle can make the biggest difference? If not don’t worry, we will give you the scoop!

Like anything else, ask how to set up your paddle and you will get a million different answers. There are thousands of ways to size your SUP paddle board. Many people believe your height is the key. Most believe your paddle should be six inches taller than you. ( Fun fact: Laird Hamilton is the genius behind this method!)

We aren’t even close to done when it comes with paddle advice. Some believe you should place your paddle on the ground handle down. If you are eye-to-eye with the meeting point of the paddles shaft and blade, congrats your paddle is the perfect height!

Lastly (well at least the last one we plan on talking about for now), some say you need a short paddle for lazy days and a long paddle for a killer workout.

At iROCKEr we don’t think there is anything wrong with any of these options. We do have our own way at iROCKER though. This was crafted based on many years of experience, and our need to guarantee an amazing SUP experience!

Of course we would never keep this information from you! At the end of this article we will let you in on our top-secret paddle height. Meanwhile, read on for our favorite tips. Don’t be afraid to test them all out!

Measure Twice, Adjust Once

To get started, all you need to take is a few simple measurements:

  • Use a tape measure to determine your height. If you don’t have a tape measure handy, bend over and place your arm against your paddle tip to tip. This is your height.Your height
  • Next add the thickness of your iROCKER to your height!

Lastly, you want to think about how you plan to SUP. Are you on a slow, weekend, relaxing paddle or are you racing? Do you like to challenge yourself in tough waters, or are you staying near the flats? What is your SUP level?

Some are convinced it makes no difference, but most SUP experts have an opinion. Once you become more experienced, you’ll form an opinion too. iROCKER employees are full of strong(and helpful opinions).

iROCKER Paddle Secret Revealed!

You’ve made it this far… let us let you in on a secret.

Are you ready?

Try it till you like it.

That’s right –This is iROCKER’S secret. Your paddle length is what feels best to you.

So now that you’ve adjusted your paddle to your height or the conditions or your ideal speed (or whatever method you like best), you’re ready for some trial and error. Grab your board and your newly adjusted paddle, and hit the water!

If time and your local area allow, hit the water more than once and mix it up a bit. Try a flat lake and then a rolling stream. Hit the surf at high tide and low tide. It’s all fun and besides, the more SUP, the better, right?

If you have a strong opinion about choosing the perfect SUP paddle length, we’d love to hear all about it. Send us your science and your pics using the fields below.


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