3 Ways to Treat Yourself Right after a Rocking SUP Workout

Girl celebrating on an iROCKER Stand Up Paddle Board

We’ve been working a little harder than usual on body toning here at iROCKER. Someone had the awesome idea of a team challenge and it’s lots of fun. We’re going out twice each day for group SUP, once in the morning and once in the evening. (Don’t worry, we aren’t missing happy hour!)

We start early each day before the sun comes up, this allows us plenty of time to get ready for work and a stellar view of the sunset. We’ve been feeling ambitious, so we hit the water again at the end of the work day. (sometimes we reward ourselves with happy hour, it’s all about balance). and then we head home to give our bodies a break with salt baths and hot pads.

All of this extra SUP time is paying off. There has been a full body toning effect. Plus, I’ve moved out of the beginner  stage spending all this time on the water. My body is benefiting from the exercise and tan, it’s a win-win all around.(Don’t worry, we use plenty of surf-friendly sunscreen to protect our skin.)

In all honesty, all this extra work has made simple task like stairs difficult, which can make getting to my third floor office a little difficult. (I don’t even want to talk about the hike to my apartment!)  My body is begging to be pampered. I feel aches in pains in muscles I didn’t even know existed!

Luckily, my favorite massage therapist had some tips on naturally soothing all these aches and pains. I love these ideas and you will, too.

  1.  Take Oral Turmeric Curcumin. This is a super easy find. You can find it at your local health food store, grocery store, or pharmacy. I promise, it works! (It’s my go to after an intense SUP session). A recent study showed an improved athletic performance and a moderate-to-large reduction in pain, all thanks to a regular oral curcumin intake after physical activity.

Turmeric Curcumin comes in multiple forms: dried powder, pill form, and crushed root. It’s easy to get started just determine your dosage. Here’s the recommended daily dose from our favorite source for all things turmeric:

Turmeric for Health Ideal Dose Chart Graphic

  1. Stretch. This was something I was taught as a kid, but still tend to avoid to this day. As great as a good stretch is before a SUP sesh, a great stretch after is a game changer.  Give some love to those hard-working muscles, and reward them for all their hard work! I always start with a Downward Dog to release my hamstrings and then rest a couple breaths in Child’s pose. They feel good, and are easy to add in post workout.


Codyapp Yoga Poses to Ease Post Workout Muscle Soreness: Child’s Pose

To get into Child’s Pose, bring your big toes together and knees wide to sit your hips back. Stretch through your fingertips as you bring your chest and forehead towards the ground. Take a couple breaths here. (If your shoulders are feeling tight keep stretching through your fingertips, it will feel great!)


Codyapp Yoga Poses to Ease Post Workout Muscle Soreness: Downward Dog Pose

Downward Dog takes a little more effort but it’s worth it, you’ll feel the stretch in every muscle from your fingers to your toes. Stand with your feet hip width distance apart, hinge at your hips and plant your palms. Press into the ground with all ten fingers as you pull your heels toward the ground. Shift your weight back and forth until you feel a good stretch through your legs and back. If you need a little more start pulling your chest towards your thighs.

Double bonus: you can do these yoga stretches on your iROCKER, mate!

  1. Get a Massage. Treat yourself, your muscles can’t continue to grow if you don’t reward them for their hard work! Studies prove that massage promotes muscle repair and reduces inflammation. Do your research and find a licensed massage therapist who works for you. There are multiple styles and techniques when it comes to massage so find someone who specializes in post-workout massages.

A post-workout massage might not feel so great during your session. Your massage therapist has to work through all of the tension you created before you can begin to feel the bliss. A massage will help get your muscles repair, and get your blood flowing to ease your post workout aches and pains so work through the discomfort. It’s worth it!

What are you favorite ways to soothe post-SUP pains? We always need new tips and tricks to try! Please use the fields below and let us know your secret for feeling great after a rockin’ SUP workout.

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