SUP with your Pet

If you have a pet, you’ve probably thought about trying SUP with him. Why not, right? It’s fun, cool and great for bonding.

We’ve been doing a fair bit of pet SUP lately here at iROCKER. It’s actually our latest favorite subject.

When we talk about pet SUP, the most common thing we think of is SUP-ing with our dogs. You’ve probably seen someone out on the water with the dog on the nose, looking adorable.

Note: If you already own a good flotation device for your dog, you’ll need to be sure to get one before putting him on your iROCKER. One surprise wake from a boat or a knock against a log could throw your mate into the water. So play it safe with a good floatation device like this doggie life vest from Chewy. It comes with an integrated grab handle for easy lifting or emergency rescue and a padded design for your pet’s comfort. It also comes in easy-to-spot neon colors, which is great if you need to find your dog after sunset.

But listen up! Pet SUP isn’t limited to dogs. One of the guys in our shop takes his bird with him! And yes, he packs a spare shirt.

Geared Up Wisely

Whether you choose to SUP with a dog or a bird or a croc (just kidding about the croc), you’ll want to think about what he’s going to need during a funday on the water with you. You know, things like snacks, bottled water, safety gear and an emergency first aid kit.

If you take your pet for a day on salt water, you definitely will want to give him a fresh water rinse afterward. If there isn’t access to fresh water where you SUP, you should bring along some bottled water for a makeshift shower.

Now, if your pet has never tried SUP, you will want to schedule some extra time to show him how to SUP.  You should start with a quick demo so he can see how you do it. Let him watch you paddle out, stand up, sit down and then paddle back. Be sure to stay calm and talk sweet to him. He will see how much fun you’re having and literally beg you to join in the fun.

When he’s perfectly calm you feel sure he will listen to your commands like sit, stay, come and so forth, you can invite him onto your iROCKER. Let him take a few minutes to figure things out. He needs to understand the board movement and how to balance. Once you’re sure he’s ready, you can get moving! Take it nice and easy and try to avoid any scary situations. In no time, you’ll have a new fave SUP mate!

Remember: Don’t forget to reward your pet with a well-earned treat after his hard work!


Take Lots of Selfies!

What’s cuter than pet SUP pics? Nothing!  So be sure to take lots selfies with your new best SUP mate and send them to us. We love pet SUP selfies!

You can use the fields below to send your pics and tell us about your pet SUP adventures.


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