Why SUP Fishing is the Coolest Thing Ever


If you like to fish (and who doesn’t, right?) then you absolutely have to try fishing from your iROCKER stand up paddle board.


For one thing, a SUP board is way better than a boat and even a standard kayak for navigating super-shallow flats. Of course, your iROCKER converts to a kayak and back to a SUP in seconds, so there’s a double bonus. (You’re welcome.)

Another reason you fishermen and women will want to try fishing from your iROCKER is that it’s unbelievably quiet under paddle. The fish won’t even know you’re coming!

But the best thing is the view. You can see directly under your stand up paddle board, getting you as close to the fish as humanly possible without being in the water. Advantage: Human.


Gear Up

Now, some gear junkies might tell you that you need to invest in all kinds of accessories to get your iROCKER ready for fishing. Don’t believe it.

You can have a great day of fishing from your iROCKER with your standard gear and a good pole. However, like any other sport, SUP fishing can be best experienced with some special equipment.

For instance, you’re probably going to want an attachable rod holder, right? You’ll also want a bait holder, and can use your iROCKER Cooler Deck Bag for this with no problem. If that freaks you out a little, you can order a second bag online and keep your bait separate from you snacks.

If you’re going to buy just one thing to switch up your standard SUP sesh for a little fishing SUP, you’ve got to get an attachable fishing rack, which doubles as a gear holder AND a rod holder, and that’s pretty sweet.


Do Your Homework

No investment in fishing gear makes up for good old-fashioned fishing know-how. Figure out where the best fishing spots are by talking to your local experts. You might be surprised how helpful the guys at the tackle store are with letting you know where to go (and not) to find the best fish.

You also should follow some avid SUP fishers online. They always have a cooler full of clever tips and tricks for catching the big one and having a great time. This guy from SaltStrong figured out a way to attach two rods to his cooler, which does triple-duty as a bait holder and live well.

SaltStrong.com image of man who created double fishing rod holder with a cooler on his stand up paddle board


Share the Love

After you catch all of these prize fish from your iROCKER, you’re going to want to eat them, right? Be sure to give your friends or family a little advance warning about the big catch you’re about to bring to the party. While you’re out fishing, they can be getting the charcoal and fixings for the delicious grilled fresh fish dinner you deserve. And if they need a little fish recipe help, send them over here. After all, cooking the fish isn’t your problem.

Do you fish from your iROCKER stand up paddle board? Do you have some great fresh fish recipes you’re dying to share? We want to know! Use the fields below to send us your SUP fishing secrets, fave recipes and food pics.

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