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Stand up paddle boarders having fun on iROCKER boards

Being new to a sport is one of the worst feelings ever. It can feel super intimidating and anything question feels embarrassing no matter how important it is. Even people who have been SUP-ing for years avoid asking questions fearing they may look weak.

Now is the time to leave your fear at the door! We’ve definantly been there. Every stand up paddle boarder has been there at one point. We want to answer any question you have and make it as painless as possible. This is why we have a live chat on our website.

We’ve decided to answer some frequently asked question to save you some time and prove you aren’t alone.


What is the Best Board for a Newbie Like Me?

The truth is only you can truly answer this question. Don’t let what you’ve heard from SUP experts confuse or sway you. The right board for a newbie is the board they choose to buy. The reasoning behind the one chosen is different for everyone. It can come down to the closest distributor, your favorite color, or even what you can afford at the moment.


With that being said, there are key factors you want to inspect about any board you buy, used or new. Inspecting an iROCKER board is a little easier than most. As you know, our design team is adamant about designing a board that stands up to debris, provides a stable look, and of course has a sleek look.

If you are new to SUP we don’t mind giving a little guidance. If you need to know a little more about our story and what we put in to all of our iROCKER boards,we’d be honored to share our story. Click here for more on that.

If you want to save time and money, take our word for it. Buy the board. You’ll never regret it.


Do I Really Need an Inflatable Board?

Do you travel? Do you live further than a 2 minute walk to the water? Is island hopping in your future?

If you answered yes to any of these, then yes, you need an inflatable iROCKER stand up paddle board.


What’s the Real Difference Between a Hand Pump and an Electric Pump?

Around 10 minutes. If you like to do things yourself and pump yourself up for a workout, go with the ROCKER Dual-action Hand Pump. Bonus, you’ll save some money too.

However, if you are anything like me and want to jump onto your board as soon as you see water, we suggest an electric pump. It will save you time and arm strength for a killer SUP sesh!


How Can I Choose the Right Board?

The only way is to pick your favorite color, totally kidding! (Though if you are trying to narrow it down it’s not a bad option!)

Don’t ever try to sacrifice safety or enjoyment to save money. We promise, you can have it all. iROCKER offers a board in everyone’s price range, plus are boards are super safe and enjoyable. I know it sounds a little conceited, but we are only able to say this because we’ve dedicated years to perfecting a stand up paddle board design. We are super proud of it!

It was easy for us to put this much time and research into designing and building the very best inflatable stand up paddle board on the market today. We are SUP-ers ourselves so we had to create something we wanted to use!

The choice is always yours, affordable starter packages or full-on board-and-travel packages. Like we’ve said before, this is something for everyone.


What is the One Thing I Really Need Besides My Board and Paddle?

A hat. This may sound silly but a hat is perfect for any weather. Use it to protect you from the sun or the rain. iROCKER hats look cool so you can always grab one once you visit our website! Here’s my  .

I’m 100% sure you will choose the best iROCKER board for you! (let me take the pressure of of you, there isn’t a wrong choice). Whatever iROCKER board you choose is going to be your favorite SUP board ever. You can check out our killer inventory here. We are ready and waiting to talk SUP with you. Feel free to chat with us online, we’d love to help you choose and talk SUP with you.

If you’re shy or don’t have the time, feel free to  use the fields below to send us your question. Remember, there’s no such thing as a dumb question, mate! We’d love to answer them for you


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