iROCKER SUP Makes Travel a Breeze

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No one wants to travel on holiday with hassles and aggravation. Not when you can have a killer trip with a a stand up paddle board specifically built for travel.

We all love to grab our board and hit new destinations, right? But traveling with your stand up paddle board used to be a major issue.

Not anymore.

Since iROCKER launched the worry-free, travel-friendly and inflatable SUP, your travel worries are a thing of the past.

iROCKER truly is a stand up paddle board that lets you exercise your travel bug without travel hassles.


Checked baggage fees and limits are getting more and more restrictive. Qantas, for example, has strict limits for carry-ons and checked baggage weights. Their maximum weight for any piece of checked baggage is three2kg.

Fortunately, the iROCKER board deflates to the size of a carry-on and can go on the plane as a checked bag. That’s great news for SUP enthusiasts!


iROCKER not only packs well, it also travels well. It’s lightweight, at just under 1three kilograms, and can handle up to 159 kilograms. It’s sturdy and built to take its knocks without compromising on performance.

iROCKER SUP packages include:

Travel bag, a detachable fin, repair kit and three piece aluminum paddle that shrinks to a third of its size for convenient storage. There are comfortable, padded straps and a side pocket for extra storage, with room for additional gear.

It’s so easy and lightweight, your iROCKER stand up paddle board is practically limitless. It can with you, anywhere.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan that trip. Your iROCKER is up for the challenge if you are!

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