iRocker SUP, exercise while you play. No matter how many juice cleanses you do or slices of pizza you avoid, your health will never reach optimal levels if you don’t incorporate the right amount of exercise. There are plenty of fads out there that advertise crazy benefits with minimal workout, but the team at iRocker likes to keep it simple. Stand up paddle boarding has taken over for obvious reasons, one of them being the exceptional health benefits. From boosting your mood to burning that belly flab, iSUP is a fitness trend that’s here to stay.



Significant Weight Loss

Don’t get us wrong, paddle boarding isn’t a quick fix to shedding pounds. It’s not a magical detox, but it certainly has tremendous benefits. People who iSUP a few times per week will soon see the fat shed off. Another perk? The processing of losing weight while stand up is something that just happens, losing some weight while having fun.


Great for Meditation

Going through the motions on your stand-up paddle board requires focus and mindfulness. There’s simply no room for the stresses of everyday life while you’re out on your iSUP! When you give all your attention to every breath you take, each ripple in the water and each movement you go through, you’ll begin to experience peace of mind and cognitive control.


Easy on Your Back

Got back problems? Get an iRocker. Inflatable stand up paddle boarding is much easier on the body than surfing and even works to rehab old injuries. The slower pop-up motion used for paddle boarding takes a lot of impact off your joints. Additionally, experts recommend extending the length of your paddle while going through the motions to aid your back even more.


Boost Your Endurance Levels

People who frequently stand up paddle board tend to show increased anaerobic and aerobic fitness performance, even more so than athletes in other aquatic sports. Because of the incredible amounts of strength and power necessary to complete a paddle session, it’s a no brainer that your endurance levels will increase.


Let’s break down the benefits a little further. iRockers can be used for anything from a leisurely paddle to an intense surfing session, and a different amount of calories are burned during each activity. Here are the average amount of calories burned during some of the most popular iSUP activities:


  • Touring: One of our favorite ways to start the day is with a regular-paced paddle done with a medium amount of effort. At this pace, you can expect to burn 600 to 700 calories.
  • Surfing: Put your body to the test and catch a few waves. With this intense cross-training you’ll burn 600 to 750 calories.
  • Racing: This is a great way to get your heart racing and your muscles shaking. Kick it into high gear and burn up to 1,120 calories in the process.
  • Yoga: This relaxing workout takes a whole new form on the open water. Clear your mind and cut some fat by burning 415 to 550 calories.


Summer is still going and the best way to take advantage of the sunshine is by cruising the water on your iRocker. Whether it’s a casual morning cruise or a vigorous surf session, your inflatable stand up paddle board is the perfect way to make the most of your summer.


We appreciate hearing from all of you. Let us know if this summer so far has been one where being in the sun and fun you lost weight and gained strength?

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