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This is my second board, my first one said it would hold a rider that was at 275 as a beginner, well it worked great and I weigh 290 right now and I would purchase it again, but I decided to upgrade paddles and looked at numerous paddleboard sites for reviews and the IRocker paddleboards were on (most all) of the top 10 and top 5 board reviews, after a lot of debating I purchased this board. I just got home after my first paddle and was so thrilled with this board, the place I paddle is normally not windy or choppy but today it was I went out anyways and man I am impressed, this board was very stable and the paddle was 16oz lighter than my other aluminum one, this board just cruised thru the water with ease. I will have to work harder to get a good sweat going now, if you are a bigger paddler this is a fantastic board and I would totally recommend it for a beginner too. Totally impressed with this board and company. I contacted them via e-mail and asked numerous (dumb) questions and they were more than happy to answer all of them.

-Todd McClure

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