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You don’t have to be a yogi to give these poses a try on your inflatable stand up paddle board! We don’t care if you’re a malasana newbie or you’ve been rockin’ this workout for years, the next spot to give your talents a try is on your iSUP in the water. It’s important to be patient with yourself when learning a new skill, especially if you want to turn it into a calming hobby. Here are some awesome reasons to give SUP yoga a try:


It’s a killer workout.

 You’re about to give your core a run for its money! No longer will you just have to balance your body into a new pose, you’ll have to maintain that pose while you balance your paddle board on the water. It’s definitely not easy, but your body will thank you for the sweat session.


It’s an unbeatable feeling.

 Floating on a beautiful body of water can instantly lift the weight of life off your shoulders. Instead of spa sounds filling your background noise, you can melt into the natural sound of waves rippling, fish jumping and birds chirping. The sheer silence surrounding your inflatable paddle board workout will allow you to focus on your breathing.


It will improve your technique.

Because you’re balancing on the water, you’ll immediately notice if your poses don’t properly engage your core. For example, if you don’t evenly distribute your weight during child pose, your iSUP will rock and you’ll quickly notice.

To get you started on SUP yoga, here are some great poses to try at some point during your next paddle adventure:


Downward Dog 

Or as it’s formally known, adho mukha svanasana. This well-known yoga pose perfectly carries over onto your inflatable paddle board. Starting your yoga session with a Downward-Facing Dog will lengthen your spine and help you find your balance while on the water.

Strengthened muscle groups: Legs, arms


Warrior II 

Virabhadrasana II has been a staple in the practice of yoga for centuries, but mastering it on your yoga mat doesn’t mean it’s going to be simple on your iSUP. To engage this pose while on your inflatable paddle board, you must be steady and calm. Slowly extend your fingertips forward and backward.

Strengthened muscle groups: Ankles, legs


Boat Pose 

Yoga enthusiasts refer to this asana as Naukasana. If you’re looking to get a six-pack while on your iSUP, this should be your go-to move. The boat pose will greatly improve your stability and strengthen your core, which are incredibly important for inflatable stand up paddle boarding.

Strengthened muscle groups: hip flexors, abs, vertebral column


Yoga builds an incredibly strong body and mind on land, just imagine carrying this challenging workout onto the water! Your inflatable paddle board is the perfect vehicle for practicing yoga, and we think these yoga poses are a great place to start. We can’t wait for you to experience your workout on your stable iRocker board. Stay on the lookout for part two of our SUP yoga suggestions!

We are very interested in how it works for you. Please use the comments area below to let us know how the Yoga workout worked for you. See you again next week.









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