Why you should travel from coast to coast with your iSUP this summer.

Before the creation of iRocker and its inflatable stand up paddle board counterparts, traveling around the globe with your favorite SUP was strenuous and expensive. From the swell-heavy coasts of California to the powder white beaches of Brazil, there’s no better way to enjoy the best bodies of water in the world this summer than with your iSUP in tow. But, we’re not here to tell you where to travel, we’re pretty sure you’ve got that covered. Instead, we’re going to give you the only reasons you need to bring your iRocker with you on your adventure:


Reason #1 – iSUPs are easy to carry

One of the best perks of owning an inflatable paddle board is that it can be carried by just about anyone. iRockers fully deflate in minutes and can be rolled up and stored in an iRocker premium backpack. Your deflatable stand up paddle board can be easily stored in an overhead compartment, in the back of your trunk or strapped to your back for a cross-country hike.


Reason #2 – iSUPS are high-quality

When you purchase an inflatable paddle board instead of a hard SUP, you won’t be making any compromises. A huge selling point of iSUPs is their incredible durability. Unlike hard SUPs, inflatable paddle boards are built to be rugged. Carbon, epoxy and fiberglass boards will crack or dent when they come in contact a rock, but iSUPs simply bounce off. Another perk? iRockers come standard with a two-year warranty that covers any damage outside of regular wear and tear.


Reason #3 – iSUPS save you money

From the initial cost of purchasing a paddle board to the travel and maintenance expenses, inflatable stand up paddle boards on typically less expensive when compared to hard paddle boards. Traveling with a carbon, epoxy or fiberglass paddle board will quite possibly be one of the most expensive aspects of your vacation, while hopping on a plane or in a car with your iRocker is virtually free.


Reason #4 – iSUPS are pretty low-maintenance

Want to bring your inflatable stand up paddle board on a hike with you? No problem. Interested in stopping at the bar for a drink after a day with your iSUP on the water? Easy. Deflating your iRocker and storing it in your backpack is a simple and stress-free process. We figured out pretty quickly what iSUPers want out of their board, and that’s exactly what we thought of when designing iRocker.


Reason #5 – iSUPs can handle any body of water

Whether you’re a beginner and simply want to float across a calm lake or ocean on your inflatable paddle board, or you’re an expert in search of big sets, iRocker is up to the task of keeping you afloat. Also, the deck of an inflatable board is far less slick than that of a carbon, epoxy or fiberglass. iRocker’s traction pad makes balancing easy, which is just another reason why traveling with your iSUP is a no-brainer.

Hitting the road or soaring through the sky with your inflatable paddle board couldn’t be easier. Not only is it simple to travel with your iRocker, you don’t have to sacrifice on quality or durability. When you travel with your iRocker this summer, you have just about everything you need for an adventurous, memorable vacation. Safe travels!

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