4 Awesome East Coast Spots To SUP Over Memorial Day

Scenic Wrightsville Boat Dock

When you are talking about finding ways to explore new places over Memorial Day weekend, ditch your car and go for a paddle board instead. Whether you are looking for some relaxing scenery, some incredible waves, a place to do some yoga, or something entirely different, paddle boards can bring you there. There are quite a few places along the east coast of the United States which would be perfect for your Memorial Day trip.

Hamptons, New York

If you live in New York, you are probably used to the amazing stress that goes on with New York City and that very busy lifestyle. New Yorkers just want to de-stress and relax every once in awhile and they do this on paddle boards in the Hamptons. Public transit through New York can be overwhelming for visitors but traveling with your iSUP has never been easier. Once you are out on the water in the Hamptons, you won’t feel like you’re anywhere near the hustle and bustle of NYC.

Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

The great thing about this beach is that you have access to so many different types of water. You can find calm, still water or you’ll find more vibrant waves depending on where you go on the beach. That’s why Wrightsville Beach is so good for SUPpers of all levels. The Carolina Cup, which is the biggest stand up paddle boards race on the east coast, is held here annually as well. You can even pull up to restaurants on your board to catch a bite or a drink.

Richmond, Virginia

For those that are looking for some thrills, you are probably going to want to check out the rapids that are located in Richmond, Virginia. This urban area has Class IV rapids believe it or not and has won awards year after year for the rapids and rivers. This is a very exciting spot on the east coast perfect to explore on a paddle board.

Boston, Massachusetts

The city of Boston is known for the Charles River, Boston Harbor, and many other great spots. The ability to hop on your paddle boards and go paddling down the Charles River is something every SUPper needs to experience. Not only are you on a great body of water but you can take in the historical city, too. This area is better for someone looking for a more relaxing ride than action-filled ride but is certainly a spot worth checking out.

When you have inflatable stand up paddle boards, you’re going to be that much more ready to explore all of these great locations all around the east coast of the United States. Whether you are checking out the rapids in Virginia of the city line in Boston, Massachusetts, there is so much to take in from your board.

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