3 Tips for Choosing Your SUP Gear Provider

Man With Stand Up Paddle Board Or Sup On The Beach.

There are many companies or providers out there that offer inflatable SUP gear. When shopping for this type of gear though you want to be on the lookout for some things that are going to set one provider apart from the others. These are the inflatable SUP gear providers that you are going to want to focus on to help you get the gear that is going to set you up for the activities ahead.

Precision & Uniqueness

Our boards have a unique shape that enables you to pick up a great deal of speed while still maintaining a lot of stability. On top of that, we have an increased nose rocker. This allows you to ride small waves that much easier. These types of things, including the dual action hand pump to reduce pumping force needed, sets our boards apart from what others are providing.

A Good Buying Experience

You also want to look for an inflatable SUP gear provider that is going to want to be helpful throughout your shopping experience. You need a company that will talk to you about what you want to get out of the board, what your experiences has been with stand up paddleboarding in general, and so on. You need to have a partner in the provider so that they can give you advice to help you get that perfect board to give you the performance you are seeking.

The Little Things

Providers that give you the little extras are also going to stand out in a crowded market. Just adding in something such as a backpack carry bag to help with the transportation of the board and to keep your trunk clean can make a big difference in your decision making. Also, where most companies offer a 1-year warranty, iRocker offers a 2-year warranty so you do not have to worry about issues popping up. Plus, everything ships for free!

No matter what you are buying in any industry, it’s important to do your research on the company you choose to work with. Following these tips on what to look out for can set you up for success in your SUP gear buying journey.

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