What SUP is Right for Me?

Standup Paddle Board from beneath the sea surface

There are many different types and varieties of inflatable standup paddleboard that are out there. As a first timer looking for an inflatable standup paddleboard, it is important that you make the right decision in terms of which board you end up buying. The activities that you want to perform on the paddleboard and your experience level are what is going to essentially drive the type of board and size that you get.

The inflatable standup paddleboard is usually the way to go whether you are a beginner or an expert simply because you get all of the great benefits that a paddleboard can bring while also giving you the ability to take the board with you anywhere that you want to go. That’s one huge benefit of having an inflatable paddle board over a standard paddle board.

Determining the Purpose of the Paddleboard

There are boards that are made specifically to do certain activities like surfing, yoga, racing or just leisurely paddleboarding. If you are using it for surfboard purposes, you’ll find that it’s made to be that much easier to use it to ride waves and really get those thrills in that you are looking for. Inflatable standup paddleboard made for racing or leisure will be constructed a bit differently.

In the event that you do not fall into those niche areas there are a few other board types that you are going to want to be aware of.  This includes the touring boards as these boards essentially do the same thing in that they are great for beginners to the standup paddleboard scene.  They are going to be constructed in such a way where things such as balance are going to be made that much easier.

Choosing Board Size

The size of the inflatable standup paddleboard that you buy is also going to play a role in terms of how accessible it is to you if you are a beginner or more of an expert. When you are new to the standup paddleboard space, what you should probably be looking for is a board that has more volume to it. When you have a bigger board what you are going to find is that it is that much easier to balance and such. This means having a board that is longer, wider, and also thicker. The inflatable standup paddleboard offerings from iRocker meet all of this criteria and make for great boards in the event you want to try out this great sport for the first time.

The inflatable standup paddleboard market continues to expand and also to innovate. There are so many more options out there now than there were a few years ago and that is due to the popularity that keeps driving the market space. With that said, when you are a first timer looking to try a standup paddleboard, you have more options than ever before.  Inflatable standup paddleboard offerings out there make sense and give you the ability to get your feet wet, literally and figuratively, out on the water.

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